You're not alone if you're stuck between engineered and solid hardwood flooring. Many homeowners are looking for advice about which is best, and we have some answers for you.

Both materials are durable and offer a wealth of visual options. But there may be some features that serve you better than others.

Facts about solid wood flooring

Solid hardwood flooring offers the most extended lifespan, bringing you more than 100 years. This differs from the 30-year lifespan found with engineered flooring.

With solid wood, you'll gain inexhaustible species and stain color options. However, as you move into engineered wood floors, these become slightly limited.

What you should know about engineered wood flooring

Some homeowners choose engineered materials because they are faster and easier to install. You'll even find floating floor options that help hasten the service.

Engineered materials also stand up better to dampness and humidity. Even spills are easier to handle if you clean them up right away.

Prefinished or site-finished materials?

Both solid and engineered floors offer prefinished and site-finished options. Prefinished materials have the stain and finish type applied in the factory.

One thing to note about prefinished hardwood flooring is they are harder to refinish. Their finish is so hard and thick that it's hard to sand down when necessary.

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