Hardwood planks show off intricate grain patterns and rich, earthy colors that often vary from plank to plank.

This prized flooring is available in smooth, textured styles and modern and traditional designs. Oak, maple, hickory, and birch are a few of the woods you can find when you shop for hardwood flooring at Carpet Mart and More Flooring Center in Aurora, CO.


Oak, the most common type of wood flooring, is available in golden tans to deep chocolate shades. Further, the wood stains evenly and easily, so color options are plentiful. Both red and white oak is usually straight-grained, which gives wood floors a nuanced and refined look.


Like oak, birch planks are found in light and dark colors that enhance many decorating styles. Most often, planks have a subtle grain that is fine and straight. Its vibrant color variation rather than a striking grain pattern gives birch hardwood planks distinction and visual appeal.


Maple wood floors are well-known for their light color. The delicate grain pattern is almost unnoticeable, but it can be seen with close inspection since maple flooring is usually unstained. Maple floors are a favorite for Scandinavian or Mid-Century Modern decor.


Hickory plank colors range from very light to very dark. Typically, hickory has a straight grain pattern that shows off brown, red, and tan hues. This show of color is enhanced by mineral streaks or black, gray, or olive lines. Because of its coloring, hickory has a rustic aesthetic.

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